School Life

The National Innovation Strategy sets the context for ‘innovation’ and ‘innovative leadership’ as the primary tools for delivering a programme of economic development and progress, stimulating creativity, and growing a distinct set of skills and capabilities across the nation in order to achieve the UAE Vision 2021. It provides the UAE with a comprehensive plan to develop the entire ‘innovation ecosystem’, which extends into seven key areas of the economy:

  • Renewable energy
  • Transportation
  • Health
  • Water
  • Space Technology
  • Education

At DMS, innovation is both a process and a mindset. To support the UAE National Agenda and our students’ development, we are developing the next generation of innovators. Teachers achieve this goal by acting as role models and being innovative in their teaching methods. Students are given the opportunity to innovate, during lessons and in regular competitions, both in and outside of school.

By encouraging innovation, we are preparing our students for an ever-changing world where the ability to innovate and think creatively will be paramount.