At Dar Al Marefa School, we strive to create a learning community that enriches the development of children and equips them to be curious, lifelong learners, able to interact confidently with peers and adults. Our pedagogical approach is based on providing high level inquiry based learning opportunities, sharing new knowledge, building self-esteem and positive thinking, enabling children to become proactive, dynamic and influential citizens in the communities in which they live.

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Dar Al Marefa represents the powerful Emirati values, spirit and cultural identity that has helped to build this great country. We open the school’s doors to welcome all people in the same way that the UAE has opened its doors to the world community, living and learning together for the powerful progress of this nation.

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Are you wondering about why I love my school? I love my school because it is the best place for me to learn new things and have fun. All the teachers and students are amazingly wonderful. The principal is so kind and knows how to deal with problems. I mostly love the way teachers educate me and I also love how the teachers challenge me. I feel like I’m improving in a lot of things especially critical thinking. I am becoming more successful in solving problems by thinking and understanding what the question is asking. My teachers provide me with many different strategies to solve problems, my favorite is RUCSAC.

Maitha Al Muhairi, Grade 5B Student

I have been a teacher at Dar al Marefa School for six years and have enjoyed every single minute. It is an attractive, inviting, and safe environment where it is obvious that students are enthusiastically and meaningfully engaged in their education. The community here is astounding and there are always people willing to support you in anything you need. Staff here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education and community. I feel honoured to work with such professional and positive people and amazing students.Integrity is a very important value to me and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Dar al Marefa School.

Ms Nour Bourghol, Grade 2 Teacher

I love Dar al Marefa School because it’s full of love, knowledge, respect, fun, happiness, responsibility, honesty, and creativity. Dar al Marefa School has inspired me, made me laugh, impressed me and mostly blessed me. You are shining like the sun and stars mixed. I will always remember you. I love the people who work there too.

Sara Altamtami, Grade 2A Student

Even though I have been teaching at Dar Al Marefa for 5 years, I am continually surprised at how caring and supportive the staff and students are. I have grown as a teacher here, particularly in my understanding of the IB philosophy as well as teaching conceptually. The environment inside school is really friendly and open where everyone is focused on the education given to the students. I cannot wait to teach in the new school building and help Dar Al Marefa grow and thrive.

Mr Sam, Grade 3 Teacher

Dar Al Marefa is a very nice school because the teachers care about the students. The teachers are always interesting and I love coming here. I believe this school is teaching me to succeed when I am grown up.

Marwan Mohammed Abdulmalik Moustafa Ali Ahli, Grade 3A Student

What makes Dar al Marefa a wonderful school? We teach students in a fun and engaging way, focus on the needs of each student, go beyond textbooks and are always reflecting about ways to improve. We acknowledge each students’ strengths and teach them how to own their weaknesses in order to overcome them. Most importantly, we focus on the character of a child to put their values, culture, morals and faith into actions. We aspire to instil all of this into our students so that they will be the great leaders that we know they can be.

Ms Lori Wardrup, Grade 4 Teacher

Since joining Dar Al Marefa six years ago I have gained a new family. I always feel supported and appreciated by students, colleagues and the leadership team. Dar Al Marefa has given me the opportunity to grow and develop as a teacher. I have gained so much knowledge and understanding of the IB curriculum; appreciating the importance of empowering students with tools, understanding and skills to solve problems and to make a difference in the future.

Miss Llinos, Grade 5 Teacher

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