What we teach

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is taught from Pre-K to Grade 5. The programme offers inquiry based learning, focusing on key concepts and world issues that empowers students to become global citizens, whilst providing them with values and dispositions for lifelong learning and the life skills to sustain them as the leaders of the future.

The PYP framework consists of six transdisciplinary themes:

  1. Who We Are
  2. Where We Are in Place and Time
  3. How We Express Ourselves
  4. How the World Works
  5. How We Organise Ourselves
  6. Sharing the Planet

Within these themes, students are encouraged to research, discuss, challenge, share, and present their ideas provoked and stimulated by the different concepts in relation to their own lives and in the medium of both Arabic and English. Specific Islamic and Social Studies lessons encourage students to be proud of who and what they are, while celebrating their own culture, values and beliefs.

How we teach

The PYP is taught through carefully orchestrated inquiry. Learners share the Central Idea with their peers and discuss, plan and prepare for key areas that they are enthused to learn about and explore. Teachers provide learners with the resources, opportunities and the facilities to be able to research and respond themselves, supported by skilful adult interventions, making the learning real and interesting.

Students have the freedom to share learning through a variety of recording and reporting methods, varying from planned ‘student centres’ to project-based inquiries. Learners build their skills throughout the inquiry and then showcase their own understanding of the whole PYP learning programme through the medium of the much-celebrated Grade 5 PYP Exhibition.

Through modelling the IB Learner Profile, teachers encourage learners to be courageous, principled and open-minded.

Our teachers

The staffing of Dar Al Marefa is a model of the concept of diversity. We believe that all members of our school are teachers and learners, whether they are a Homeroom Teacher, Arabic Teacher, Teaching Assistant or student – we all learn vital lessons from each other.

The Dar Al Marefa staff consists of fully qualified teachers from a wide range of countries who bring with them a variety of teaching styles and expertise.

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