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At Dar Al Marefa School, we strive to create a community that enriches the development of children and equips them to be lifelong learners. Our teaching process is about imbuing knowledge, confidence and positive thinking, enabling children to be positive citizens in the communities they live in and interact with.

An inspiring initiative by Al Ghurair, Dar Al Marefa School is a top-ranked and widely recognised bilingual International Baccalaureate® school in Dubai with a broader academic vision – to make a significant contribution to the next generation of the UAE by partnering with parents, friends and the local community.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create a community that fosters lifelong learning, is rooted in its values and beliefs, is open minded, tolerant and appreciates diversity. Our graduates are principled and courageous individuals, ready to contribute to a more just and peaceful world.

Our mission is to build a consistent, challenging and safe learning environment that supports each child in exploring their capabilities, encourages them to respect other cultures and embrace the world with open-mindedness, tolerance and confidence. 

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From the very beginning, the emphasis is on learning rather than teaching.


We create an environment where learning opens up endless possibilities.

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Beyond the purposefully designed classrooms, we expand the frame for teaching and learning in more ways than one. Our facilities invite students to explore their full potential even as they join with others in common purpose.


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